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NJ CURE Program

About the NJ CURE Project

Since being established in 1968, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has been committed to providing financial assistance to enable Lions Clubs and Lions Service Projects to provide programs on both an emergency basis and by providing on-going support services. It has long been our mission to “eradicate preventable blindness” by providing eyeglasses to poor sight impaired people around the world. Now, we are moving into the next era of service by providing new low-cost eyeglasses right here at home in our communities.

About the NJ Correcting Uncorrected Refractive Error “Pilot” Program

We are delighted to announce a new program, called NJ CURE, to help Lions Clubs provide new, low cost eyeglasses to the financially indigent throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania; the glasses are expected to cost about $19 for children and up to $34 for adults needing progressive lenses.

We are extremely fortunate to have been selected as the pilot area for the CURE Program which will begin on April 1, 2013 and continue for a period of one year. CURE was initiated by Lions Clubs International to assist local Lions Clubs in providing low cost eyeglasses and our New Jersey Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (NJLERC) has agreed to initiate and administer the tri-state Pilot Program. Lions Clubs are known for their service mission of eradicating preventable blindness and assisting those less fortunate who are visually impaired. Part of this mission is to help people such as a low income students or adults with poor vision who cannot otherwise afford eye care to get both an eye examination and a pair of eyeglasses.

Many Lions Clubs have an existing relationship with local Eye Care Providers (e.g., optometrists, opticians etc.) to help provide these services at a reduced cost, and the relationship between the provider and the Club does not change with this program. If your Club does not have an existing relationship with an Eye Care Provider, NJLERC may be able to help identify one through the American Optometric Association’s Optometry Cares – Vision USA Network. Contact us at; or call us at: 908-788-LION(5466).

These eyeglasses will include the Lions Lens, a polycarbonate lens made by Essilor, Inc. in a new frame; Essilor is the largest producers of eyeglasses in the world.  Out of range (strong glasses), flat top bifocals and even progressives will be available at the above reduced cost. We estimate approximately 85% of all children referred will be fitted with glasses using the Lions Lenses; cost $19.00.

The responsibilities of your Lions Club will be to verify the financial eligibility of the applicant, and to establish a relationship with a local Eye Care Provider for the eye exam. When an Eye Care Provider is identified, NJLERC will send him/her an information pack about how the program works and frames that he/she can use.

If there are questions about this exciting, new program designed to reduce eye care cost to the indigent and increase the visibility of the important work Lions Clubs do, please call us at (908)788-LION.

About Frame Kits which may be used by Optometrists in the CURE Pilot Program

In the next several months volunteers will be putting together sample frame kits made up of new donated frames which will be given to as many participating optometrists as possible. Once an eye exam is completed both a completed prescription and application must be sent directly to the NJ CURE Coordinator via fax at (908)788-5467 or emailed to

The Eye Care Provider shall be responsible to forward the prescription and frame to the Essilor lab in Warren New Jersey for edging. The Lab shall process the job and mail back the completed custom eyeglasses to the original doctor. Each referring club will be asked to contribute or donate back a modest $19.00 dollars to offset the cost of the lenses, frame and shipping. Should a person require a prescription outside the normal single vision perimeters it will be filled at cost; estimated not to exceed $34.00.

More information will be made available about this unique, innovative program as we work on developing a new “Lions Spectacle.”  For more updates, please visit and click on the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania CURE tab for specific details.

About New York participation in the NJLERC administered “NJ CURE Pilot Program”

It is important for all New York residents to know that New York Lions are in the ‘Pilot Phase” of implementing their own individual program. Therefore, NJCURE being initiated in New Jersey should not be confused with any initiative being undertaken by the Brandel-Murphy Youth Foundation. The two programs are separate and dramatically different in many respects. For more information, please visit


Application Form with Eye Care Provider (ECP) - (Lions Clubs referral with an assigned optometrist ) - click to download

Application Form without Eye Care Provider (ECP) - (Vision USA referral without an assigned optometrist) - click to download

Eye Care Provider Instruction Sheet - click to download

Essilor of New Jersey Prescription Form - click to download

NOTE: Lions Clubs who are already working with a local optometrist and already have "Opt-In" to the NJCURE Program, please use the application form "with" an assigned ECP. All others, please use the Vision USA Application Form and read the instruction page.
Other helpful information:

NJCURE Fact Sheet - click to download

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