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NOTE: Lions Clubs who are already working with a local optometrist and already have "Opt-In" to the NJCURE Program, please use the application form "with" an assigned ECP. All others, please use the Vision USA Application Form and read the instruction page.
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NJLERC is delighted to announce the continuation of the state-wide NJCURE “Correcting Uncorrected Refractive Error” Lions Vision Program.
NJCURE was originally designed as a low cost alternative to the high expenses involved in helping people with the gift if sight. Many Lions Clubs reported paying hundreds of dollars to Eye Care Providers for each person requesting aide. Since 2013, CURE has provided over 325 financially needy individuals throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a free eye examination and pair of custom eyeglasses; at no cost.
The NJCURE Program is administered through the NJ Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center and PCC Alan Brewer is the statewide coordinator. The process to seek assistance is simple:
1)    Applicants should be directed to visit
2)    Click on the blue “NJCURE” box on the homepage.
3)    Download an “Application with/without ECP” and fill it out.*
4)    Fax the completed application and requested information to (908)788-5467.
5)    Within 3-5 days an Optometrist will be assigned to conduct an eye examination.
6)    Applicants will be mailed a referral form with the contact information for the ECP (Eye Care Provider) to schedule an appointment.
7)    After the examination. the client will be called for a follow-up appointment to receive their glasses, at no cost.

*Applicant’s who are not working with a local Lions Club or Optometrist must fax a completed Vision USA “Application without ECP” along with financial documents. Applicant’s must answer all questions No” to all questions in order to qualify.
*Applicant’s who are working with a local Lions Club and a local Optometrist need only to fax an “Application with ECP” signed by a local Club President or Secretary. Financially eligibility is determine by the local Lions Club.
Many Lions Clubs may also have an existing relationship with a local Eye Care Provider or Optometrist who can help provide eye care services at a reduced cost. The relationship between the provider and the Club does not change with this program.

If your Club does not have an existing relationship with a local Eye Care Provider, NJLERC may be able to help identify someone through the American Optometric Association’s Optometry Cares – Vision USA Network. Contact us at or call 908-788-LION(5466) to discuss ways we can get your local optometrist involved in the NJCURE Program. Forms are also available on-line to assist in the recruitment effort.
If you have any questions about the NJCURE Program or the application process, please do not hesitate to call PCC Alan Brewer at (908)788-5466 or (908)244-9996. 

NJ CURE Program

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